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We are a certified Odoo's partner in Toronto, ON. We helped clients boost their productivity and generate more revenue with Odoo.
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In Syncoria we believe in automation and simplicity, including the estimation for new projects.

The ERP Calculator is a tool where you can select the tools/features you want in your ERP/CRM. And it will give you the approximate cost and time it will take to...

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a year ago
For the past several years, Syncoria has been our go-to shop for our web development and social media outsourcing requirements. Fida and his team are prompt, courteous, and always willing to share their knowledge. They are efficient, easy to work with, and their pricing is very competitive. We recommend them without hesitation. Best, Dean Mitchell CD/partner Fresh Art & Design Inc. Toronto, Canada
- Dean M
a year ago
Excellent service! Fida is always quick to reply with any questions or issues we have.
- Chelsea H
a year ago
Great team and experts at what they do. also very helpful. NEXIM HEALTHCARE has worked with them for over 9 years.
- Henry L

A Certified Odoo's Partner in Toronto

In today’s ever-evolving and highly competitive business environment, no company can afford to fall behind in technology adoption.

Many businesses already recognize this and have consciously shifted away from their “tried-and-tested, but-woefully-outdated” systems by which they run their organizations. One such major shift is away from siloed software stacks, towards the use of an "all-in-one application" software suite. From market leaders to startups, companies of all sizes are joining the bandwagon of integrated business application suites to foster efficiency in their operations and drive growth.

ERP solutions are one example of complete applications suites that integrate the critical areas of a business, including billing, accounting, inventory, purchase, and sales. Moreover, when it comes to building an ERP, we believe that the most robust development solution is Odoo.

While there are many competing ERP solutions in the market, including some with much larger name-recognition (and disproportionately larger price tags!), we believe that Odoo offers the perfect blend of power, flexibility, and affordability. We found in it so sharply after using it ourselves that we became an Odoo Partner in Toronto. We now build high-performance ERP solutions for other businesses using Odoo as our platform.

Here are a few of the reasons why we believe you should adopt Odoo ERP to upgrade your business:

• Complete Feature Set
o Odoo comes with 1000+ modules, covering almost every business function imaginable. Thus, deploying it as your ERP will get you much closer to a complete solution than virtually any other platform right out of the box. This can be a double-edged sword, though: because of its comprehensiveness, and you need to carefully evaluate all your business requirements to get the right solution configured with all necessary functions. This is where working with a certified Odoo Partner like Syncoria can be very helpful!

Offers Remarkable Flexibility
o From the ground up, Odoo has been designed to be flexible. An ERP built with Odoo can be customized to a great extent to suit the specific requirements of a business. Moreover, the platform can easily support any changes that may be required in the ERP solution in the future, which can help companies deal with market challenges and outrun their competition. “Continuous effort towards innovation” and “Scalability” are two aspects that make Odoo the most befitting platform for your business ERP.

• Super simple User-interface
o Odoo has an intuitively simple design and elegant user-interface that makes it easy to learn and use. While updates can freshen things up with a new look, Odoo’s core simplicity allows it always to stay user-friendly. Newer versions of Odoo frequently experiment with new themes or colors that are soothing to the eyes and also add new functions and shortcuts that improve the user experience.

• When it comes to Modularity, there’s no competition
o The simple user interface and the different add-on features of the Odoo platform make it a hands-down the preferred platform for ERP development and integration when modularity is desired. With many easy-to-use modules, Odoo gives enough scope to businesses to choose the modules that suit their business and get a downright integrated solution developed.

• Odoo solutions are cost-effective solutions
o Compared to other ERP solutions platform, Odoo has lower costs of ownership. Although initial implementation costs may be higher, over time implementation-related prices drop dramatically, making Odoo overall better value vis-à-vis the competition.

For businesses that are already planning to invest in ERP software to drive their business and skyrocket their performance over time, Odoo can be the perfect solution.

Over 3 million organizations are already using Odoo to grow their business. Now is the time for your business to leverage the benefits of such an all-in-one application suite and experience growth with seamless management. We at Syncoria can help you with that. As a trusted Odoo partner based in Toronto, we can service clients in Ontario and the East Coast.

#1 Avoid errors or duplication
Effective ERP software solutions streamline processes and make the management of assets more accessible. When there are separate systems to input numbers or make manual entries to keep track of incoming and outgoing assets, the chances of duplicate entries or mishandling of information is much higher. EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) in ERP automates all the tasks of data entries as soon as assets are reported anywhere in the chain of production and hence removes any chances of duplication or incorrect estimations.

#2 Determine the current value of assets
Enterprise Asset Management systems allow organizations to evaluate the present value of their assets and differentiate them as needed, into categories such as Machinery, Vehicles, Land, etc. Also, an advanced EAM module can generate targeted financial reports based on asset evaluation, helping Finance managers to get valuable insights for Tax estimation, asset allocation and future acquisition of assets.

#3 Give clear information about financials
An EAM module can provide accurate insights into the life-cycle of a company’s assets that in turn enhances predictability about their returns. Also, an EAM module can help entrepreneurs understand how asset management is going to impact the financials.

#4 Better estimation of depreciation values
Without a doubt, fixed assets are often a company’s most significant investments. Thus, miscalculating their depreciated costs while accounting can cause substantial issues in the Financial reports, or lead to non-compliance with statutory requirements. Therefore, organizations must stop depending on the manual calculation of depreciation values and instead seek the help of EAM for getting accurate figures.

#5 Enhances the uptime
When employees put in different functions and departments are in charge of keeping track of assets, it is straightforward to lose track. This is exacerbated when there are multiple facilities for production in different locations. EAM systems help enterprises keep a close tab on their inventory so that teams can manage all sales calls, respond to fluctuations in sales, undergo repairs and maintain all equipment in proper working order. Any unexpected breakdown in production cycles can take a heavy toll on a business, and EAM indeed prevents that.

Syncoria, as a trusted Odoo's partner provides the following services to clients in Toronto, Ontario, and cities across the East Coast:
ERP system implementation
ERP system for manufacturing
ERP system for small businesses
CRM tools for small businesses
CRM tools for e-commerce

We also provide custom development of software, mobile apps, and other digital solutions.

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